Frequently Asked Questions

What do we supply for you?

Each cottage is fully equipped…….very Aussie very authentic.

What about linen and towels?

Each cottage has blankets, doonas, pillows and throws for each bed. We don’t normally supply linen and towels unless you request that service.  If you would like us to supply those things there is an extra charge of $12.50 per person. We then supply you with sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and face washers. You will need to bring your own beach towel.

We always supply tea towels, hand towels, bath mats and dishcloths etc. 

Shampoos and Soaps?

We don’t supply shampoo or conditioner but we do supply a small bar of soap and liquid soaps for hand washing. We supply 2 rolls of toilet paper. If you use more than that you will need to purchase more from the local IGA in Bawley Point.

What about milk and other essentials?

From our own experience, it’s always nice to have a few essentials on hand, so we supply you with a welcome pack of tea, coffee, olive oil, salt & pepper, toothpicks and a small bottle of fresh milk. There are rolls of glad wrap and aluminum foil and rolls of paper hand towel. These are supplied free of charge to make your stay just that little bit sweeter. 

We also supply a basket of all sorts of goodies, extra cooking supplies and essential toiletries for you to purchase if you forget something, or just want to try something new or have a treat. Most of these things are organic, eco-friendly and healthy. These are available for purchase.

What about WiFi, TV, Music and DVD’s?

We don’t have WiFi in the cottages. We rarely switch off from the grid these days. It is quite special to have down time and go back to the ‘original facebook’. Having said that you can access the internet with your phone reception if you have a smart phone, and for events and retreats or essential internet access, we have guest WiFi at the barn.

We have new 32”flat screen TV’s that have USB, HDMI and inbuilt DVD players. We do supply a small selection of DVD’s. Bring your own external hard drive, computer and HDMI cable, or USB with movies and favourite shows and plug it in to the TV.  There are older style CD players in each of the cottages, but we now also have Blue Tooth Mini Boom speakers so you can play your favourite music wirelessly straight from any of your Blue Tooth enabled devices.

What about Wood Heating and Outdoor fires?

Each cottage has a wood burning heater. They are easy to use and draw very well to make your cottage toasty warm on chilly evenings. For short stays we supply enough wood for about 2 fires. You can make your wood last longer if you close the air vents(flu’s) on the fire to slow the burning process. You will still be toasty warm as the radiant heat warms your cottage. Please don’t put anything on top of the fires while they are in use.

Each cottage has an area where you can have an outdoor fire. There is nothing quite as earthy and grounding as sitting under the stars, overlooking your own dam while toasting a marshmallow or two at your outdoor fire. Rules and regulations for outdoor fires can be found in your green book inside the cottage. Of course there are times when the weather is just not suitable or there is a high fire danger or total fire ban.  We are surrounded by trees that drop a lot kindling and branches – you will be doing us a favour if you collect those for your fire.  Fires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before you retire to your cottage.

What do we mean by ECO?

We try to keep our footprint as light as possible. Water supply is rainwater and we rely on rain to fill the tanks, please don’t leave your taps running for teeth cleaning or dishes. Turn power points off at the wall, and lights off when not in use. The cottages have instant gas hot water, so you will never run out of hot water, but do remember it is tank/rain water. We also like to use eco-friendly and natural cleaning products. We don’t like waste so we have supplied you with castile liquid soaps and eco-friendly dish detergent, which is multi-purpose and can be used for hands and or other cleaning as well.  As a courtesy we supply one small soap for use in the shower.  Eco changes are progressing all the time as we change over.

Waste and Recycling.

We have a recycle bin, a rubbish bin and a green waste bin. We collect your rubbish on Sunday afternoons. If you stay for a longer period you are more than welcome to bring your green waster over to the compost, or let us know you need to empty it and we will come and collect it.

What about washing?

There are no washing machines in the cottages and generally for short stays you won’t need one but if you are staying for longer and need to do a load or two, contact us, for a small charge, you can put it through our machine and collect it when it’s finished to hang on your line at the cottage.

Children are welcome.

We love kids they are our future and for them to enjoy time in our outdoor spaces you will need to be mindful of just a few things. We are situated in a rural landscape. There are snakes, so in the summer please be observant. They will generally stay well clear of open areas but they are in the surrounding bush land. During winter they hibernate. There are 4 dams on our property. We don’t recommend swimming in them and children can be at risk – keep your eyes on them at all times(the children that is) J.

What pets are welcome?

We know how hard it can be to get away for a holiday or a short break if you have beloved pets to think of.  We are happy for you to bring your beloved pet – dog or cat – with you when you come.  Please clean up after your pets and don’t allow your dogs to jump on the furniture. We also prefer if cats are kept inside at all times.  We have lots of birds and other small marsupials on the property. 

We don’t charge you extra for your pet.

What about horses?

We do have a rather large, fully fenced paddock with a water trough at the front of the property.  There are many places to ride in the area within short floating distance from us.  There are the beaches and forests and with thoughtful care councils don’t mind if you ride in those areas. We don’t have any horses to hire, you will need to bring your own. Please clean up after your horse – we’d be happy for the manure for our compost.


Smoking is NOT permitted inside the cottages. There are sand buckets provided for butts, please use them. Please don’t leave your butts lying around, we live in a bushfire prone area and smoldering butts can be very dangerous. Please don’t empty butts into the inside bins and make sure they are well and truly out before putting them into the outside bin.

Do we have facilities for special occasions?

If you want to have a family gathering or need accommodation for a special occasion and need more than one cottage or if you want to book the whole lot, we are happy to negotiate.  We are currently setting up our barn as a gathering space, retreat or small conference centre. Catering can be negotiated for small group retreats, workshops or conferences.