Our Vision

We all have to work, we all need rest and we should all play. Len and I are specialists in the rest and play. Our vision is to create an incredibly beautiful environment with spaces and rooms in nature, to encourage curiosity for discovery, while absorbing the beauty and wealth of nature and nourishing our bodies from the bounty of the land.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work at our passion and our passion is health. We are all connected and where we look after our land, we look after the people and animals that share it. The health of our land is a direct reflection of our own health. We want to share this journey, to make a difference to the health and lives of our guests, our friends and our families. In collaboration with many other talented people, we will create an incredibly beautiful space for resting, revitalizing, learning and sharing.

About Linda & Len Ivey

Linda is a wellness strategist and certified Health Coach who loves to share the benefits of health that can be gained from eating real food grown fresh from the garden. Her wellness site Get Fed for Life has an incredible wealth of information and free recipes. Check it out. Of course overall health is more than just the food we eat, it is balancing our lifestyle, reducing stress and feeding our soul. Time out at Mimosa Eco Retreat, whether it be as simple as having a night, weekend or holiday in one of the four cottages – or attending a workshop or retreat, there will be something for everyone in the calendar.

Len is incredibly talented in many facets of property development and maintenance and is learning very quickly how to put a bunch of native wildflowers together. He has become the accidental florist! And he’s good at it – in flower season you will receive a gorgeous bunch of wildflowers in your cottage for you to take with you as you depart. He is the ‘hard yakka’ man who works tirelessly to groom, primp and present our property to make it productive, warm and welcoming.

We love to look after our land and the environment, and we love to look after our guests too. We use eco-friendly products in all aspects of our cleaning and maintenance and plan over the coming years to create a stunning environment for relaxation and play for children and adults alike.

Formerly known as Mimosa Hill Cottages & Wildflowers, we took the reins in late February 2015. Mimosa is being morphed into an eco-landscape retreat that will rival the best.

Cottages & Surrounds

Get back to nature by spending time relaxing in our cottages. Our vision is full of exciting plans for outdoor heated and very private showers at each cottage, fire pit gathering spaces, pathways eliciting a curiosity to explore only to find places to play, relax or contemplate. Come, rest, relax and revive at Mimosa Eco Retreat.

When was the last time you had time to play?
Every time you visit you will find a new space to explore. We will be working hard to make our vision a reality. Watch this space and stay connected! Or better still come and visit us regularly to see the progress and enjoy it all.